Imagine getting paid to play DFS. Sounds like a dream, right? Well that’s exactly what is happening with the latest trend in DFS - the free money contest.

Last week, PickChamps ran a contest that cost $2 to enter, and last place took home $3. So, at the very worst, you were making a 50% return on your investment. But of course, that’s the worst case scenario - some people took home a 3-figure score for their efforts.

DraftorPass loves offering free money, too. They are celebrating NFL Sunday with a $1k guaranteed contest that costs $2 to enter, and pays a minimum of $3 to every single entrant. The top prize is a cool hundred bucks, and it’s sure to fill up fast so get on it now!

And as if that isn’t enough, DraftorPass is also offering a $5 entry, $1000 guaranteed contest that is capped at 110 runners. I’m no mathematician, but unless I’m very much mistaken it means that $450 has been added by the operator in FREE money!

We round off free money week with ANOTHER absolute beauty of a contest. To celebrate the integration of FantasyDraft.com into the SuperLobby, we have collaborated to bring SuperLobby users an exclusive contest that can’t be topped for value. Also, this isn’t at the microstakes - with a $10 entry fee and $1500 guaranteed, this contest is enticing enough to attract DFS fans from all over. It is restricted to 100 entrants, meaning that FantasyDraft has added a smooth $500 to the prizepool. The top 50 get into the prizepool, so your odds of profiting are very high indeed. This one will fill in no time at all - and with good reason!

It’s not every day that you find a contest that is even better value than a freeroll. SuperLobby users once again have the inside track on finding the best value.


Since the return of the NFL in September, all eyes have been on the enormous guarantees - and overlays - offered by every DFS operator under the sun.

Of course, these sites have to recoup their enormous, unsustainable GPPs somehow. On Saturday, we might just have learnt how.

Both DraftKings and FanDuel posted up profitable Saturdays. While NFL Sundays make the headlines, the reality is that behind the scenes, the Saturday figures will be the real source of encouragement for the site owners.

Overlay was thin on the ground, as MLB, College Football, MMA, and Soccer propelled DraftKings to a healthy profit for the day. Nevertheless, reasonable overlay could still be found in its MLB and Soccer GPPs, which SuperLobby users took advantage of by setting their overlay alerts.

FanDuel had over $17k of overlay in its College Football GPPs, enabling well-prepared DFS players to scoop up some free money. It isn’t always apparent where the value lies - but for the time being we expect NFL to be the source of the biggest overlays.

In time, we expect Saturday’s figures to become the norm. Players are going to have to be smart and use all of the tools at their disposal to seek out the overlay. SuperLobby’s mission is to empower all DFS players to do just that.


For the third week running, we have featured Draftpot in our blog. It’s not bias - it’s because this disruptive American startup is making a serious impression in the industry.

CEO Joey Levy was bullish when he told SuperLobby users that Draftpot intended to continue on its path of offering large guarantees that necessitate overlay. On Saturday, Draftpot’s headliner $25k GPP failed to recoup - but it did bring in $21.7k in entries. Joey Levy will certainly be heartened by this near miss, which indicates that the strategy might yet pay off.


With FantasyDraft going live in the SuperLobby, CEO Grant Yoder was gracious enough to spend ten minutes with our guy Christy, discussing his exciting plans for FantasyDraft’s future. Grant is a passionate, articulate, and thoroughly likable guy, and his team has built an engaging interface to go with the site’s robust back end. It makes for a strong contender in the DFS space, and SuperLobby users can get ahead of the curve by signing up for FantasyDraft here


It wouldn’t be a real week on planet SuperLobby without the Fantasy Premier League podcast. This week, CEO David turns the tables on regular host Christy, putting his team under the microscope in what can only be described as a brutal slate. Be sure to watch and share the vid, to help spread the word about one of the most beloved podcasts in all of DFS!

SuperLobby Stats

$ 5,851,292 of overlay available
$ 18,867,685 of guaranteed prizes
$ 3,070,266 of entry fees in play
1,001,669,820 entry places filled

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