Reflecting on a Watershed Week for DFS

Make no bones about it: this has been a watershed week for the Daily Fantasy Sports industry. Last week, we ruminated on whether or not the mainstream media's universally-negative coverage of the DraftKings inside info drama would impact upon player figures.Some operators were spooked. FanDuel lowered its headline Sunday Million GPP from $6m to $5m. Yahoo - now established as a distant yet seemingly secure third force in DFS - changed its 'Million Dollar Baller' GPP to $750,000. Less marketable, sure, but an understandable move in the face of such uncertainty. DraftKings, meanwhile, held steady with its $7m headliner. We called it 'a ballsy move'.

The media, quick to capitalise on public interest in DFS, held its collective breath for Monday's SuperLobby Lowdown. We gather data on every NFL GPP contest running on a Sunday, run analysis, and release a free public report detailing these figures the next morning (you can join the SuperLobby Lowdown mailing list by emailing

The results were staggering.

Far from suffering as a result of the negative headlines, both DraftKings and FanDuel posted their biggest numbers of the season. Over $45m was spent on entry fees on DraftKings and FanDuel combined, with nearly $40m being paid out in prize money. Having lowered its guarantee, Yahoo garnered positive Sunday revenues for the first time. 'It may be that the maxim "there is no such thing as bad publicity" has come into play', we wrote.

The SuperLobby Lowdown went viral. Suddenly we were being quoted in Bloomberg, the NY Times, The Washington Post, NBC, CNN, Fortune, Forbes, The Economist....the phone was ringing off the hook. Entire articles in world-famous publications were being based on our data. Websites that had been dismissive of the DFS phenomenon were changing their tune.

It's amazing the impact that the bare facts can have. It is the most exciting and dramatic time in the short existence of Daily Fantasy Sports, and we are proud to be able to bring some clarity and data to offset the speculation.

Yesterday morning, we paused to catch our breath. And then, inevitably, there was another twist.

The state of Nevada has deemed DFS to be gambling, and operators who want to run DFS contests there need to have a gambling license. No big deal, right? Being granted a license should be a formality to big shots like FanDuel and DraftKings. Well, not quite. To apply for a gambling license would be an admission on their part that DFS is gambling - which contradicts their entire legal stance in the first place. Operators are already pulling out of Nevada, and it seems as if the legal wrangling will be this week's most interesting sub-plot.

We are hoping that solutions are found, and that DFS can be played in peace Stateside. Here's to the continued growth of the game that we all love!

Unveiling SuperLobby's brand new tool - the Single Entry Contest Tracker

We are delighted to unveil our brand new DFS tool, exclusive to SuperLobby Premium members. The Single-Entry Contest Tracker scours the entire DFS market for GPP contests that only permit one entry per person. Why take on the pros and their countless multi-entries? The Tracker shows you where the single-entry contests are, meaning you can get in the best GPPs without any hassle. As we know, DFS is growing at a staggering rate. Finding the most profitable games is a minefield. Now is the time to give yourself an edge.

The Single Entry Contest Tracker is only available to SuperLobby Premium members. Like our groundbreaking Overlay Alerts, the Tracker has been designed to streamline your DFS research process. To celebrate the launch of the Single Entry Contest Tracker, we are delighted to offer everybody a year of FREE access to SuperLobby Premium (worth $84). Interested? Of course you are. Check out how to claim your free subscription.

Overlay Watch

Finding overlay is becoming increasingly difficult for DFS players. As we have already mentioned, Yahoo joined DraftKings and FanDuel in posting profitable Sunday NFL GPP revenues for the first time. A key factor in this was the decision to lower the Million Dollar Baller to a $750,000 guarantee, effectively wiping out a quarter-million dollars in overlay from the previous week. Although the contest didn't quite recoup, ithe $25k by which it fell short was not fatal. Not only that, but FantasyAces and StarsDraft are both inching closer to posting positive revenue Sundays, if their current trajectory is to continue.

One way to ensure that you stay ahead of the overlay curve is to take advantage of our free SuperLobby Premium promotion, which gives you access to SuperLobby's unique Overlay Alerts tool.

Last week's decision to chop a million off its headline Sunday NFL contest certainly did FanDuel no harm, as it posted up its biggest revenues of the season. Why change a winning formula? Both FanDuel and DraftKings are sticking with the guarantees that were so successful last week, as they aim to raise the bar further still. It's $7m for DraftKings and $5m for the Fanduel Sunday Million again this week.

Yahoo, meanwhile, is adopting an 'if the mountain won't come to Muhammad' approach. Last week's $750,000 guarantee failed to recoup, so this week the guarantee is $700,000. We look forward to seeing if Yahoo can hit that elusive three-quarter-mil in entries this Sunday.

Fantasy Premier League Podcast - with special guest Wazzu24

In a display of what can only be described as sheer dumb luck (aka five goals in one game from Sergio Aguero), our guy Christy inexplicably pole-vaulted his way to the top of the SuperLobby leaderboard at the start of October. Today's special guest Alex 'Wazzu24' Birrer is gunning for the sitting duck at the top of the pile. Is his team capable of usurping Christy? Check out the podcast.

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