The Mid-Season Report is Here

Since the NFL season began seven short weeks ago, things have got pretty crazy. In a July article for the invaluable Legal Sports Report site, I noted that Quarter Three was the most important in the history of Daily Fantasy Sports. I stand by that statement; it was the most important - at the time.

But things change. Even the most bullish of forecasters would have fallen short of predicting the mainstream DFS explosion that the current NFL season prompted. Quarter Four is making Quarter Three look like an utter irrelevance by comparison.

At SuperLobby, we have been following the unfolding of this fascinating narrative more intently than anyone. We track every GPP contest running, and are working hard at bringing you Cash Game data too. We release our data free of charge on a Monday morning - to sign up to the list, just drop us a note on

Today, we are going the extra mile. The SuperLobby Lowdown every Monday is all well and good, but it only covers the previous week’s data. You guys have requested more. More data, more stats, more facts. Complete coverage of the first half of the NFL season.

We have spent weeks compiling the SuperLobby NFL Lowdown: Mid-Season Data Report - and you can access it for free, right here.

It’s not all FanDuel vs DraftKings - though of course, we do give them lots of attention - but also the battle for third-place marketshare, which operators are struggling to get to even (hint: it’s quite a few!), and of course, we pinpoint the dramatic decline of StarsDraft.

So check out the report and tweet us your thoughts (@SuperLobby). We can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

The NBA Season Tips Off - What Does It Mean in DFS?

First, a mea culpa (or a we-a culpa). We planned to release an NBA report on Wednesday, picking out the key facts and figures from the first week of the season. However, the Mid-Season Lowdown took priority, and we had to postpone it by a week.

So, we will release our first NBA Lowdown on Wednesday November 11th. It will be packed full of the usual data and analysis that you have grown to expect from SuperLobby. GPP figures - and Cash Game ones too, where possible - user numbers, and the biggest contests will all be put under the microscope.

To ensure that you get access to our data reports as soon as they are released, you can sign up to our email list by dropping us an email -

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Also available to SuperLobby Premium members is our popular Overlay Alerts tool. Why trawl through every site five minutes before the lock, when we can bring the best contests directly to your inbox?

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