DFS in the UK




DFS in the UK 


As we move towards the end of the EPL season, we thought it might be worth a few minutes of our time to write some words about DFS in the UK and what it may look like going forwards. As ever, discussions in the UK DFS scene are being dominated by the movements of the big 2, although it is also worth noting that other operators are hinting at joining the party.

The current options


If you want to play EPL DFS to a reasonable volume, your choices are basically DraftKings or DraftKings.  There are a number of other sites such as Mondogoal, Fanteam and Oulala who offer the opportunity to play, although the liquidity and in some cases the software is not of the quality that a serious player would deem satisfactory. 

I remain unconvinced if there is an appetite for UK gamblers to particuipate in a game that requires a significnat amount of time to enter a lineup. Faced with options such as Bet365.com or Ladbrokes, with their instant and numerous betting possibilities, the consumers answer is a polite "no thank you "to DFS. 

The smart operator has the ability to make a choice. Try and change the mindset of a nation or accept the realities and provide them with a product that they can come to terms with.  I have spoken to the people behind a new entrant called www.fanager.com who I believe have "cracked it" when it comes to a UK product. They are going into a live Beta for the European Championships and are still accepting registrations by clicking here http://www.fanager.com


What do we know of Fanduel and their entance into the UK marketplace? Well, the answer is not a lot! However, I would be surprised if they dont have some sort of soccer product on their platform by the beginning of the next EPL season. Whether they go for an 11 a side game or something a little different I would have no idea. 

Is it all about Soccer?

Yes and No. 

The majority of the betting market in the UK is soccer related although that is not to say that the opportunity exists solely there. In fact, for me, the answer is not necessarily in the sport but in the speed at which a lineup can be entered. 

It is not all negative. On a personal level I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to play some DFS and the golf product in particular has appeal. 

Where does it go from here?

The market over here needs a significant capital injection if the UK version of DFS is to take hold. I am not sure of either of the big 2 have the appetite or resources to make that committment at this particular time, so it could be a while yet before lift-off. In the meantime, the local enthusiast will continue to have some options with which to feed their need for lineup building.  My personal view is that it will take an innovative product with deep enough pockets behind it to grab some market share from the online betting giants and give them something to think about. 

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