What NFL Week One Taught Us About the Future of DFS

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Week one of the NFL blew away everybody's expectations. We knew that the DFS sites were putting some seriously big guarantees behind it, but nobody anticipated a whopping $4 MILLION in cumulative overlay, across all sites and sports. These are figures that dwarf anything that we've ever seen before. The question is – is it a one-off, or the new normal?

What to expect this week

Having spoken at length to many of the operators who appear in the SuperLobby, we are of the belief that NFL week two will deliver everything in the way of value to the users - and then some. The enormous guarantees and overlay are no accident; they are all part of a calculated strategy as the sites jostle for market share and customer sign-ups. Indeed, far from being concerned at the level of overlay being offered all over the industry, DFS operators are standing behind their business plans and saying the best is yet to come.

How do DFS players capitalise on overlay fever?

There is simply too much free money being offered by the sites to ignore. Even total novices are +EV in contests that are chock-full of guaranteed prize pools, with precious few entrants to compete against.

The only issue is time – or the lack of it.

Building lineups, monitoring injury news, and keeping track of overlay that is brewing away can be an exhausting process. The more time that you spend multitasking, the more likely it is that you will make some schoolboy errors in the process.

We have been working hard to solve that problem with the launch of SuperLobby.com Premium Overlay Alerts.

The process is simple: tailor your overlay conditions, and receive an email with a link to the contest every time that the conditions are met. Want to know when an NFL contest with more than 50% overlay is within 30 minutes of starting? Easy. The DFS public has demanded it, and we have built it.

And you can even get SuperLobby Premium for free, by opening an account with one of our partner sites.

Spend thirty seconds tailoring your Overlay Alerts, and watch the value flow straight to your inbox.

New to the SuperLobby – it's Draftpot.com

We have a new operator live in the SuperLobby. Draftpot.com is making a serious impression in the industry, with their seven-figure funding round and no-salary-cap Fan Mode contests garnering mainstream attention from the likes of Forbes.

We spoke earlier in the week to their CEO Joey Levy. Watch our ten minute chat right here. Oh, and did we mention that he's 20?! Joey is one seriously smart, inventive, and driven guy.

Draftpot.com is offering an exclusive bonus for SuperLobby.com users if you sign up through this link.

This week's soccer podcast – David and Christy preview the action on MondoGoal

In amongst NFL fever, it's easy to forget that things are hotting up nicely in the English Premier League right now. Every week, David and Christy take the mic to interview guest stars such as Rotocurve's Benny Ricciardi, Rotogrinders' Hesh Hambazaza, and Mondogoal honcho Chris Mazzone.

This week, it's the turn of French Londoner Nic 'Bigo1' Boutar to take a run at the MondoGoal £10k Guaranteed Premier League Shootout. Check out the video right here.

Best of luck in your DFS adventures this week!

David and the SuperLobby team

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