SuperLobby's survival guide to NFL DFS

Quit your job. Kiss goodbye to your social life. Tell your children you love them. The time has come. A new NFL season is upon us, and the Daily Fantasy Sports implications are huge.

DraftKings and FanDuel have some serious competition in the form of Yahoo and StarsDraft, and the likes of FantasyFeud, FantasyAces, and DraftorPass are also breaking into the mainstream. People all over North America are drafting their DFS lineups for the first slate of the season. Millions of dollars will be won this weekend. Yes, it's safe to say we're a little excited.

If you want a shot at the big bucks, then you need the Superlobby NFL Season Survival Guide: five simple tips that will help you make the most of the new season. Read on, and good luck!

Backup Internet

Daily Fantasy Sports players live or die by the quality of their internet connection. Stay in an apartment with broadband that is as reliable as Jared Allen's stylist? Then you'd better have a back-up plan.

Before game-time, check that you have decent cellular coverage and the DFS operators' apps installed on your phone. That way, you'll be able to make last-minute switches before the lock, even if your broadband goes down. I'm not the only one who has rage-smashed a laptop screen because of an untimely connection fail. Am I?!

Multiple Screens

We can't all have a sports office like Bob Voulgaris's, but the days of single-screen viewing are behind us. Nowadays, if you're not watching NFL on the screen while checking in-running scores on your tablet, doing research for the next game on your laptop, and tweeting polite encouragement to the moron who just missed an interception that cost you valuable DFS points, then you're not flirting with ADHD nearly enough. This is 2015, you know. Attention spans are old news.

Make the most of all the technology at your disposal by keeping track of as much NFL action as your brain can handle. Consider it resistance training. Half the fun of DFS comes from sweating the action in real-time. If you're not living the highs and lows more intensely than the players, then you're slacking. And nobody likes a slacker, do they?


AKA snacks and beer. We're not talking nuclear shelter levels of preparedness here, but all that lineup-building can take it out of your energy supplies. DFS provides the ultimate excuse for shoveling vast quantities of questionable nutrition into your body. You're not vegetating; you're working. Pizza is brain food.

Pro tip: consume beer AFTER locking your lineups. Drinking and tinkering is the new drinking and dialling: it seems like a good idea, until you wake up. Alone. And homeless. And with a court order in your jeans. Which are wet.

Overlay Tracker Alerts

DFS is srs bsns. Even the very best players don't expect to crush every slate. The trick is to find the contests that offer the best value, and to steer clear of the dreaded no overlay/high rake combo. If you only play on one or two sites, then you won't be able to take advantage of the best value on offer across the whole DFS spectrum. The start of the NFL season finds more and more operators competing for your loyalty. That means massive sign-up bonuses and overlay.

Now that we have released Superlobby Premium, you can set up alerts in your Superlobby account for whatever site/sport/time/overlay percentage conditions you choose. So if you want to know of any NFL contests on Yahoo or DraftorPass that have more than a 20% overlay with one hour til the contest closes, then you need to use this feature. And if the $7 per month price is too steep for you, you can get it for free simply by playing your favourite DFS contests. See here for more info

We know how boring and frustrating it is, trying to stay on top of the overlay and margins - particularly if you have accounts at a number of sites. The Superlobby was built by DFS players to make your life that bit easier. And this NFL season more than ever, we expect you to find huge guarantees and massive overlay. You just need to know where to look.

'The League' Marathon and Season Seven Premiere on FXX

Alright, they play season-long Fantasy Sports rather than DFS, but we will forgive Pete, Kevin, Ruxin, Andre, Taco and Jenny because this sleeper hit is so damn funny. Every self-respecting Fantasy Sports player should be familiar with the Shiva and the Sacko. And if you are not, then you probably suffer from testicular hubris. Do yourself a favour and watch the whole back catalogue on Netflix. The final season premiered last night. Seriously, it will improve your life. Watch it now.

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